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First, allow me to clarify what a real Austinite is. Austinite is a noun used to describe a person living in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. However, moving into Austin doesn’t make you an Austinite, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  In this blog, I’ll teach you how to become a REAL Austinite.

1. Accept the population size.
Austin is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing cities in America, so if you want to truly become a “local,” you must accept the fact that traffic will almost always be bad

2. Realize that everyone in a 50-mile radius will tell you that they’re from Austin.
It doesn’t matter if they live in Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Round Rock… they all say they’re in Austin.

3. Consider yourself a foodie.
To be a real Austinite you have to be an expert in all the local restaurants and food trucks in Austin

4. Assume everyone taking pictures in front of the I Love You So Much wall is a “tourist”.
Hell, just take a photo when they’re done with theirs.

5. Go paddle boarding.
This is an awesome Austin experience you’ll be able to share with your friends. This will really impress people from out of town.

6. Go swim in Barton Springs even though you’ll be freezing your butt off the whole time.
Your teeth will probably be chattering so hard that you’ll lose a molar. But hey, look at you being a real Austinite.

7. Jog around Town Lake.
Attempt to dodge that man riding his bike, the dog running 20 yards ahead of the owner, the pack of power walking moms and the 10,000 other people who have decided to run at the same time as you.

8. Begin to do your work in a cafe.
Coffee shops are a great place to get your work done. My favorite is Radio on Manchaca. I’m clearly a seasoned Austin veteran.

9. Smile at people. Say hi.
We are a friendly city and a truly happy one at that. Sure, we might be a little weird but we’re happy and friendly too.



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